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spindle; gather; collect

ショウshō · シュshu
あつ.めるatsumeru · さかずきsakazuki · かねkane
Popularity rank: 2321 Pinyin: zhōng Korean: jong Hán-Việt: chung
Stroke counts: 17 Skip code: 1-8-9

Example Words

鍾き[shouki] Shoki the Plague-Queller
鍾乳石[shounyuuseki] stalactite
鍾乳洞[shounyuudou] limestone cave (cavern, grotto)
鍾馗さん[shoukisan] small statue of Shoki the Plague-Queller (placed on the overhang of traditional houses)
鍾馗散[shoukisan] traditional Chinese cold remedy (a medical powder with antipyretic and diaphoretic effects)
鍾馗水仙[shoukizuisen] Lycoris traubii (species of spider lily)
鍾馗蘭[shoukiran] Yoania japonica (species of orchid)
落鍾[rakusui] falling weight

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