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tumor; swelling

シュshu · ショウshō
は.れるhareru · は.れhare · は.らすharasu · く.むkumu · はれものharemono
Popularity rank: 2145 Pinyin: zhǒng Korean: jong Hán-Việt: thũng, trũng
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 1-4-9

Example Words

カポシ肉腫[kaposhinikushu] Kaposi's sarcoma
悪性リンパ腫[akuseirinpashu] malignant lymphoma
悪性腫瘍[akuseishuyou] malignant tumor
癌腫[ganshu] carcinoma
泣腫らす[nakiharasu] to weep one's eyes out
黒色腫[kokushokushu] melanoma
腫れる[hareru] to swell (from inflammation)
腫上がる[hareagaru] to swell up
腫大[shudai] swelling

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