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scatter; sprinkle; give them the slip

サンsan · サツsatsu
Pinyin: sǎ, sā Korean: sal Hán-Việt: tát, tản
Stroke counts: 15 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-3-12

Example Words

打ち撒ける[buchimakeru] to throw out (everything)
撒き散らす[makichirasu] to scatter
撒く[maku] to scatter
撒水[sassui] sprinkling water over
撒布[sappu] dissemination
振り撒く[furimaku] to scatter
水撒き[mizumaki] watering
豆撒き[mamemaki] sowing beans (or pulses, etc.)
ばら撒く[baramaku] to disseminate
撒布剤[sappuzai] dusting powder

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