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Tips: joujou characters (Kanji characters to be learned at schools in Japan) are highlighted.
Also note that the English meaning under each Kanji is just one of many other possible senses.

by means of

Meaning: by means of; because; in view of; compared with
Kun-yomi: もっ.て

wise woman

Meaning: wise woman; sage woman
Kun-yomi: あざな
On-yomi: レイ/リョウ

nice and cool

Meaning: nice and cool; mild and comfortable
Kun-yomi: さと.す
On-yomi: レイ/リョウ/レン

On-yomi: レイ/リョウ

mountain ridge

Meaning: mountain ridge; mountain peak
On-yomi: レイ


Meaning: sunshine
On-yomi: レイ/リョウ

Kun-yomi: つきのうつくしいひかり
On-yomi: レイ/リョウ

concave channels of tiling

Meaning: concave channels of tiling; long-necked jar
Kun-yomi: かめ
On-yomi: レイ/リイ/リョウ

small boat with windows

Meaning: small boat with windows; houseboat
Kun-yomi: こぶね
On-yomi: レイ/リョウ

bamboo screen

Meaning: bamboo screen
Kun-yomi: ちりよけ
On-yomi: レイ/リョウ

lattice work on front and sides

Meaning: lattice work on front and sides
Kun-yomi: てすり
On-yomi: レイ/リョウ

despatch boat

Meaning: despatch boat


Meaning: amputate; cut off
Kun-yomi: た.つ
On-yomi: カイ/ケ/カツ

Kun-yomi: まぐさぐら/くら
On-yomi: カイ/ケ


Meaning: sugar; sugared; candy; crystallized sweetmeats
Kun-yomi: あめ
On-yomi: トウ

Protactinium (element)

Meaning: Protactinium (element)
Kun-yomi: あらがね
On-yomi: ホク

Kun-yomi: もち
On-yomi: ヒツ/ヒチ


Meaning: food; meal; eat; offer
Kun-yomi: すす.める
On-yomi: シュウ/シュ

rations and pay for soldiers

Meaning: rations and pay for soldiers; dried rice
Kun-yomi: げ/け/かれい/かれい.い/べんとう
On-yomi: ショウ

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