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Tips: joujou characters (Kanji characters to be learned at schools in Japan) are highlighted.
Also note that the English meaning under each Kanji is just one of many other possible senses.


Meaning: generation; world; society; public
Kun-yomi: よ/さんじゅう
On-yomi: セイ/セ/ソウ

Kun-yomi: おご.る
On-yomi: セツ/セチ

final particle expressing consent

Meaning: final particle expressing consent; talkative
Kun-yomi: しゃべ.る/たの.しむ
On-yomi: エイ/セツ/セチ

to leap over

Meaning: to leap over
Kun-yomi: さえぎ.る
On-yomi: セイ/テイ/レイ

long oar

Meaning: long oar; sweep
Kun-yomi: かい
On-yomi: エイ/セツ/セチ


Meaning: table; flat pieces of wood; slip; leaf
Kun-yomi: うすいきふだ/まど
On-yomi: ヨウ


Meaning: drawer; tray; pad; screen
Kun-yomi: くつしき/しきわら
On-yomi: テイ/タイ


Meaning: fear; worry over; fill; satisfy; calm; at ease; tranquil
Kun-yomi: やす.らか
On-yomi: チョウ/ジョウ/キョウ

Kun-yomi: こ.える
On-yomi: エイ/テイ/セイ

lust after

Meaning: lust after; act indecently; lewd
Kun-yomi: けが.す/けが.れる/なれ.る/あなど.る
On-yomi: セツ/セチ

On-yomi: テイ/タイ/セフ

Kun-yomi: ゆがけ
On-yomi: ショウ/ヨウ/キョウ

Kun-yomi: しゃべ.る/たの.しむ
On-yomi: エイ/セツ/セチ


Meaning: plate
Kun-yomi: ひめがき
On-yomi: チョウ/チュウ

to sort out the stalks used in divination

Meaning: to sort out the stalks used in divination; to fold
Kun-yomi: かぞ.える
On-yomi: セツ/ゼチ/チョウ/ジョウ

Kun-yomi: たづな

to fry in fat or oil

Meaning: to fry in fat or oil; to scald; to seethe; to boil
Kun-yomi: や.く/いた.める/ゆ.でる
On-yomi: ヨウ/チョウ/ソウ/ジョウ

Kun-yomi: ゆずりは
On-yomi: チョウ/オウチョウ/ヨウ/ショウ

work hard

Meaning: work hard; belabored; toil
Kun-yomi: いたつき/つか.れる
On-yomi: エイ/イ/シ

small dish

Meaning: small dish; plate
Kun-yomi: かわぐつ
On-yomi: カツ/ガチ/セツ/ゼチ

wooden shoes

Meaning: wooden shoes; clogs
Kun-yomi: しきわら/くつしき
On-yomi: テイ/タイ/ショウ

a leaf

Meaning: a leaf; the page of a book; a leaf of a door; a lobe of the lungs or liver

to skip

Meaning: to skip; to dance; to put the foot down
Kun-yomi: ふ.む
On-yomi: チョウ/ジョウ

thin plates of metal

Meaning: thin plates of metal
Kun-yomi: いたがね
On-yomi: ヨウ/ショウ

On-yomi: ショウ/トウ

archer's thumb ring

Meaning: archer's thumb ring
Kun-yomi: ゆがけ
On-yomi: ショウ

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