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manufacture paper





manufacture paper; spread out thin; strain; percolate

こ.しkoshi · こ.すkosu · す.くsuku
Pinyin: Korean: rog Hán-Việt: lộc
Stroke counts: 14 Skip code: 1-3-11

Example Words

漉す[kosu] to filter
絹漉し[kinugoshi] filtering or straining through silk cloth
手漉[tesuki] handmade paper
茶漉し[chakoshi] tea strainer
紙漉き[kamisuki] paper making
漉紙[koshigami] filter paper
水漉し[mizukoshi] water filter
漉し器[koshiki] filter
裏漉し[uragoshi] strainer
漉く[suku] to make something (i.e. paper) from wet, pulpy material by spreading it thin and drying it

Kanji Strokes Diagram


sprinkle; wash; free and easy

シャsha · サイsai · sa · se
Pinyin: Korean: sae, swae Hán-Việt: sái
Stroke counts: 22 Skip code: 1-3-19

Kanji Strokes Diagram

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