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loach (fish)





loach (fish)

シュshu · シュウshū
Pinyin: qiū Korean: chu Hán-Việt: thu, tù
Stroke counts: 20 Skip code: 1-11-9

Example Words

柳の下に何時も泥鰌は居らぬ[yanaginoshitaniitsumodojouhaoranu] a fox is not taken twice in the same snare
仏泥鰌[hotokedojou] Japanese eight-barbel loach (species of freshwater fish, Lefua echigonia)
台湾泥鰌[taiwandojou] blotched snakehead (species of fish, Channa maculata)
柳の下に何時も泥鰌は居ない[yanaginoshitaniitsumodojouhainai] Good luck does not always repeat itself
味女泥鰌[ajimedojou] Niwaella delicata (species of loach)
石鰌[ishidojou] Cobitis takatsuensis (species of loach)
縞泥鰌[shimadojou] Japanese striped loach (Cobitis biwae)

Kanji Strokes Diagram

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