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distract; be mistaken for; go astray; divert

まぎ.れるmagireru · -まぎ.れ-magire · まぎ.らすmagirasu · まぎ.らわすmagirawasu · まぎ.らわしいmagirawashī
Popularity rank: 994 Pinyin: fēn Korean: bun Hán-Việt: phân
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-6-4

Example Words

紛い[magai] imitation
言紛らす[iimagirasu] to equivocate
諸説紛紛[shosetsufunpun] divergent opinions abound
人工受紛[jinkoujufun] artificial fertilization (of plants)
地域紛争[chiikifunsou] regional conflict
半ば紛れで[nakabamagurede] half due to luck
紛骨砕身[funkotsusaishin] making one's best exertions
紛らす[magirasu] to divert
紛らわしい[magirawashii] confusing
紛らわす[magirawasu] to divert

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