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balances; scales; steelyard

ショウshō · ヒンhin · ビンbin
Pinyin: chèng, chèn, chēng Korean: ching Hán-Việt: xứng
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-5-5

Example Words

皿秤[sarabakari] balance
台秤[daibakari] platform scales
天秤にかける[tenbinnikakeru] to compare and contrast two alternatives
天秤座[tenbinza] Libra (constellation)
天秤棒[tenbinbou] shoulder carrying pole
両天秤[ryoutenbin] two alternatives
天秤[tenbin] (balance) scales
水秤[mizubakari] a water level
秤にかける[hakarinikakeru] to weigh on a scale

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