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fall; drop; come down; village; hamlet

お.ちるochiru · お.ちochi · お.とすotosu
Popularity rank: 420 Pinyin: luò, là, lào Korean: rag Hán-Việt: lạc
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 3 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-3-9

Example Words

落っこちる[okkochiru] to fall down
お洒落[oshare] smartly dressed
ぽたぽた落ちる[potapotaochiru] to fall in drops
悪洒落[warujare] offensive joke
為落し[shiotoshi] omission
為落ち[shiochi] omission
為落す[shiotosu] to fail to do
一段落[ichidanraku] completing the first stage
猿も木から落ちる[sarumokikaraochiru] even monkeys fall from trees
下落[geraku] depreciation

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