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fight; war

たたか.うtatakau · あらそ.うarasou
Popularity rank: 751 Pinyin: dòu, dǒu Korean: tu Hán-Việt: đấu
Stroke counts: 18 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-11-7

Example Words

悪戦苦闘[akusenkutou] hard fighting
暗闘[antou] secret feud
階級闘争[kaikyuutousou] class struggle
挌闘[kakutou] hand-to-hand fighting
格闘戦部隊[kakutousenbutai] shock troops
敢闘[kantou] fighting bravely
共闘[kyoutou] joint struggle
苦闘[kutou] agonizing
激闘[gekitou] fierce fighting
決闘[kettou] duel

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