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transmit; go along; walk along; follow; report; communicate; legend; tradition

デンden · テンten
つた.わるtsutawaru · つた.えるtsutaeru · つた.うtsutau · つだ.うtsudau · -づた.い-zutai · つてtsute
Popularity rank: 416 Pinyin: yún Korean: jeon Hán-Việt:
Stroke counts: 6 Grade level: 4 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-2-4

Example Words

お手伝いさん[otetsudaisan] maid
シリアル伝送[shiriarudensou] serial transmission
以心伝心[ishindenshin] telepathy
遺伝[iden] heredity
遺伝暗号[idenangou] genetic code
遺伝因子組替え[ideninshikumikae] recombinant gene splicing
遺伝学[idengaku] genetics
遺伝子[idenshi] gene
遺伝子工学[idenshikougaku] genetic engineering
遺伝情報[idenjouhou] genetic information

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