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shade; shadow; backing assistance

インin · オンon
Popularity rank: 2166 Pinyin: yìn, yīn Korean: eum Hán-Việt: ấm, âm
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 2-4-10

Example Words

御蔭[okage] grace (of God)
御蔭様[okagesama] (somebody's) backing
蔭口[kageguchi] malicious gossip
御蔭で[okagede] thanks to ...
御蔭様で[okagesamade] (I'm fine) thank you
日蔭[hikage] shade
物蔭[monokage] cover
樹蔭[kokage] shade of tree
緑蔭[ryokuin] shade of trees

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