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wretched; disaster; cruelty; harsh

サンsan · ザンzan
みじ.めmijime · いた.むitamu · むご.いmugoi
Popularity rank: 1463 Pinyin: cǎn, càn Korean: cham, chim Hán-Việt: thảm
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-3-8

Example Words

陰惨[insan] sadness and gloom
惨い[mugoi] cruel
惨め[mijime] miserable
惨禍[sanka] calamity
惨害[sangai] heavy damage
惨劇[sangeki] tragedy
惨殺[zansatsu] slaughter
惨死[zanshi] tragic death
惨事[sanji] disaster
惨状[sanjou] disastrous scene

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