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humble; modest

したが.うshitagau · へりくだ.るherikudaru · ゆず.るyuzuru
Pinyin: xùn Korean: son Hán-Việt: tốn
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 3-4-10

Example Words

謙遜[kenson] humble
謙遜語[kensongo] humble language
遜色[sonshoku] inferiority
遜色がある[sonshokugaaru] to be inferior to
遜色がない[sonshokuganai] bears comparison with (something)
不遜[fuson] arrogance
傲慢不遜[goumanfuson] haughty
遜る[herikudaru] to deprecate oneself and praise the listener
傲岸不遜[gouganfuson] arrogance
尊大不遜[sondaifuson] arrogant and presumptuous

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