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カンkan · ダイdai
から.いkarai · しおからいshiokarai · しおけshioke · せいしゅseishu
Pinyin: xián Korean: ham Hán-Việt: hàm
Stroke counts: 20 Skip code: 1-11-9

Example Words

鹹気[shioke] saltiness
鹹い[karai] spicy
半鹹水[hankansui] brackish water
鹹草[ashitagusa] Angelica keiskei (species of angelica, a herb of the parsley family)
鹹湖[kanko] salt lake
鹹水[kansui] brackish water
鹹味[kanmi] saltiness
鹹水湖[kansuiko] saltwater lake
鹹水魚[kansuigyo] saltwater fish

Kanji Strokes Diagram

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