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tenacious; take hold; grasp; take to heart

シツshitsu · シュウshū
Popularity rank: 800 Pinyin: zhí Korean: jib Hán-Việt: chấp
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-8-3

Example Words

ポリシーに固執[porishiinikoshitsu] adherence to a policy
愛執[aishuu] attachment
我執[gashuu] egotism
確執[kakushitsu] discord
執り行う[toriokonau] to hold a ceremony
執権[shikken] regent to the shogunate
執行[shikkou] execution
執行猶予[shikkouyuuyo] stay of execution
執事[shitsuji] steward
執心[shuushin] devotion

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