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reins; connection

ki · ha
おもが.いomogai · たづなtazuna · たびtabi · つな.ぐtsunagu
Pinyin: Korean: gi Hán-Việt: ki, cơ
Stroke counts: 24 Skip code: 2-5-19

Example Words

不羈奔放[fukihonpou] free-spirited and uninhibited
奔放不羈[honpoufuki] free-spirited and uninhibited
不羈[fuki] freedom
羈束[kisoku] fetters
羈旅[kiryo] travel
羈絆[kihan] fetters
独立不羈[dokuritsufuki] acting according to one's own beliefs, being undisturbed by others
狷介不羈[kenkaifuki] stubbornly sticking to one's own convictions
不羈独立[fukidokuritsu] free and independent

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