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ghost; devil

おにoni · おに-oni-
Popularity rank: 1557 Pinyin: guǐ Korean: gwi Hán-Việt: quỷ
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 2-6-4

Example Words

鬼利死丹[kirishitan] early Japanese Christianity (from the later Muromachi period)
悪餓鬼[warugaki] brat
悪鬼[akki] evil spirit
餓鬼[gaki] brat
餓鬼大将[gakidaishou] boss of the children (in the neighbourhood) (neighborhood)
餓鬼道[gakidou] hungry ghost (preta) realm
鬼ごっこ[onigokko] game of tag
鬼火[onibi] will-o'-the-wisp
鬼才[kisai] wizard

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