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wind; air; style; manner

フウ · fu
かぜkaze · かざ-kaza- · -かぜ-kaze
Popularity rank: 558 Pinyin: fēng Korean: pung Hán-Việt: phong, phúng
Stroke counts: 9 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 3 Skip code: 3-2-7

Example Words

お風呂に入る[ofuronihairu] to take a bath
微風[bifuu] gentle breeze
トルコ風呂[torukoburo] Turkish bath
風太郎[puutarou] vagabond
悪風[akufuu] vice
威風[ifuu] majesty
異風[ifuu] unusual customs
遺風[ifuu] tradition
一風[ippuu] eccentric
一風変った[ippuukawatta] eccentric

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