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regiment; party; company; squad

Popularity rank: 605 Pinyin: duì Korean: dae Hán-Việt: đội
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 4 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-3-9

Example Words

一隊[ittai] party
掩護部隊[engobutai] covering force
横隊[outai] rank
火力支援部隊[karyokushienbutai] fire support element
海兵隊[kaiheitai] Marine Corps
外国部隊[gaikokubutai] overseas (military forces)
格闘戦部隊[kakutousenbutai] shock troops
楽隊[gakutai] band
艦隊[kantai] (naval) fleet
機動隊[kidoutai] riot police

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