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make fire by rubbing sticks

Pinyin: zuàn, zuān, zuǎn Korean: chan Hán-Việt: toản, toàn
Stroke counts: 27 Skip code: 1-8-19

Example Words

研鑽[kensan] diligent study
鑽り火[kiribi] striking sparks with flint and steel or by rubbing sticks together (usu. to start a fire)
鑽孔機[sankouki] boring machine
鑽り出す[kiridasu] to quarry
鑽孔[sankou] boring
鑽る[kiru] to start a fire (with wood-wood friction or by striking metal against stone)
自己研鑽[jikokensan] self-improvement
火鑽り[hikiri] hand drilling (to start a fire)

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