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spade up; plow

ジョjo · ショsho · so
す.くsuku · すきsuki · くわkuwa
Pinyin: chú Korean: seo Hán-Việt: sừ
Stroke counts: 14 Skip code: 1-8-6

Example Words

鋤焼[sukiyaki] sukiyaki
鋤返す[sukikaesu] to plow (up)
鋤起す[sukiokosu] to turn over soil
鋤簾[joren] (long-handled) bamboo winnow used to sift earth or sand
唐鋤[karasuki] plow (esp. horse or ox-drawn)
鋤骨[jokotsu] vomer (a bone of the skull)
饂飩鋤[udonsuki] seafood and vegetables cooked sukiyaki style and served with udon
魚鋤[uosuki] seafood and vegetables cooked sukiyaki style
唐鋤星[karasukiboshi] Chinese "Three Stars" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)

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