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hook; barb; gaff; brackets

コウ · ku
Pinyin: gōu Korean: po Hán-Việt: câu
Stroke counts: 12 Skip code: 1-8-4

Example Words

鈎虫[kouchuu] hookworm
鈎鼻[kagibana] hooked nose
毛鈎[kebari] (fishing) fly
鈎爪[kagizume] claw
鈎股弦の定理[koukogennoteiri] Pythagorean theorem
鈎股弦[koukogen] three sides of right triangle (minor cathetus, major cathetus & hypotenuse)
引目鈎鼻[hikimekagihana] style of drawing the human face, popular in the Heian period

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