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get; have; obtain

セイsei · シャsha
Popularity rank: 2441 Pinyin: shì Korean: se Hán-Việt: thế
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 2-5-7

Example Words

物貰い[monomorai] beggar
貰い物[moraimono] (received) present
貰う[morau] to receive
貰泣き[morainaki] infectious crying
貰い子[moraigo] adopted child
貰い手[moraite] receiver
診て貰う[mitemorau] to see (a doctor, etc.)
貰い乳[moraidichi] having one's baby nursed by another woman
慌てる乞食は貰いが少ない[awaterukojikihamoraigasukunai] slow and steady wins the race
貰い受ける[moraiukeru] to get

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