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praise; picture title

ほ.めるhomeru · たた.えるtataeru
Pinyin: zàn Korean: chan Hán-Việt: tán
Stroke counts: 26 Skip code: 1-7-19

Example Words

讚歌[sanka] song of praise
讚辞[sanji] eulogy
讚美[sanbi] praise
自画自讚[jigajisan] singing one's own praises
画讚[gasan] legend over a picture
賞讚[shousan] praise
讚美歌[sanbika] hymn
土讚本線[dosanhonsen] Dosan Main Line (Kochi-Kagawa Railway)
予讚本線[yosanhonsen] Yosan Main Line (Ehime-Kagawa Railway)

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