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equilibrium; measuring rod; scale

Popularity rank: 1847 Pinyin: héng Korean: hyeong Hán-Việt: hành, hoành
Stroke counts: 16 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-3-13

Example Words

均衡[kinkou] equilibrium
合従連衡[gasshourenkou] alliance (of the Six Kingdoms against the Qin dynasty, and of individual Kingdoms with the Qin dynasty)
財政均衡計画[zaiseikinkoukeikaku] balanced budget plan
銓衡[senkou] selection
度量衡[doryoukou] weights and measures
不均衡[fukinkou] imbalance
平衡[heikou] even scale
平衡感覚[heikoukankaku] sense of equilibrium
均衡予算[kinkouyosan] balanced budget
均衡価格[kinkoukakaku] equilibrium price

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