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masses; great numbers; multitude; populace

シュウshū · シュshu
Popularity rank: 450 Pinyin: zhòng Korean: jung Hán-Việt: chúng
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 2-6-6

Example Words

亜米利加合衆国[amerikagasshuukoku] United States of America
伊達衆[dateshuu] dandy
一切衆生[issaishujou] all living creatures
烏合の衆[ugounoshuu] disorderly crowd
下衆張る[gesubaru] to be churlish
会衆[kaishuu] audience
観衆[kanshuu] spectators
勤労大衆[kinroutaishuu] working people
公衆[koushuu] the public
公衆ブース[koushuubuusu] public booth

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