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small, edible, helical fresh-water mollusk

にしnishi · になnina
Pinyin: luó Korean: ra, re Hán-Việt: loa
Stroke counts: 17 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-6-11

Example Words

螺子回し[nejimawashi] screwdriver
雌螺子[meneji] female screw
駄法螺[dabora] big talk
二重螺旋[nijuurasen] double helix (structure of DNA)
螺子山[nejiyama] screw thread
螺旋[neji] screw
螺旋[rasen] spiral
蠑螺[sazae] turban shell (any mollusc of the family Turbinidae, esp. the horned turban, Turbo cornutus)
吹螺[horagai] conch (Charonia tritonis)
細螺[kisago] periwinkle

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