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dragonfly; moon moth

Pinyin: líng Korean: ryeong Hán-Việt: linh
Stroke counts: 11 Skip code: 1-6-5

Example Words

竹蜻蛉[taketonbo] small wooden Japanese toy that flies when spun between the palms of one's hands
蜻蛉返り[tonbogaeri] somersault
蜻蛉[fuyuu] mayfly
蜻蛉[tonbo] dragonfly
尻切れ蜻蛉[shirikiretonbo] leaving unfinished
塩辛蜻蛉[shiokaratonbo] Orthetrum albistylum speciosum (subspecies of white-tailed skimmer)
糸蜻蛉[itotonbo] damselfly
赤蜻蛉[akatonbo] (small) red dragonfly
麦藁蜻蛉[mugiwaratonbo] dragonfly
極楽蜻蛉[gokurakutonbo] happy-go-lucky fellow

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