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mole cricket





mole cricket; cicada

Pinyin: gū, gǔ Korean: go Hán-Việt:
Stroke counts: 11 Skip code: 1-6-5

Example Words

蝲蛄[zarigani] crayfish (esp. Japanese crayfish, Cambaroides japonicus)
蝦蛄[shako] mantis shrimp (any marine crustacean of order Stomatopoda, esp. the species Oratosquilla oratoria)
螻蛄[kera] mole cricket (esp. the Oriental mole cricket, Gryllotalpa orientalis)
アメリカ蝲蛄[amerikazarigani] red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)
蝦蛄葉サボテン[shakobasaboten] Christmas cactus
海蝲蛄[umizarigani] lobster
飛螻蛄[tobikera] caddisfly
飛螻蛄目[tobikeramoku] Trichoptera (the order of insects comprising the caddisflies)
川螻蛄[kawagera] stonefly (any insect of order Plecoptera, esp. those of family Perlidae)
日本蝲蛄[nihonzarigani] Japanese crayfish (Cambaroides japonicus)

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