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gadfly; horsefly

Pinyin: méng Korean: maeng Hán-Việt: manh
Stroke counts: 9 Skip code: 1-6-3

Example Words

虻蜂取らず[abuhachitorazu] attempting two tasks simultaneously, accomplishing neither
花虻[hanaabu] hoverfly (any fly of family Syrphidae)
盲虻[mekuraabu] deerfly (Chrysops suavis)
馬虻[umaabu] horse botfly
食虫虻[mushihikiabu] robber fly (any fly of family Asilidae)
長吻虻[tsuriabu] bee fly (any insect of family Bombyliidae)
牛虻[ushiabu] Tabanus trigonus (species of horsefly)
赤牛虻[akaushiabu] Tabanus chrysurus (species of horsefly)
水虻[mizuabu] soldier fly (any fly of family Stratiomyidae, esp. species Stratiomys japonica)

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