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devil's tongue (plant)

コンkon · ku
Pinyin: Korean: gu Hán-Việt: củ
Stroke counts: 14 Skip code: 2-4-10

Example Words

蒟蒻[konnyaku] solidified jelly made from the rhizome of devil's tongue (konjac, konjak, koniak, konnyaku)
蒟蒻問答[konnyakumondou] an irrelevant and incoherent dialogue
蒟醤[kinma] betel (Piper betle)
刺青蒟蒻鯵[irezumikonnyakuaji] ragfish (Icosteus aenigmaticus)
糸蒟蒻[itokonnyaku] konnyaku cut into fine threads

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