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stone leek





stone leek; Welsh onion

Pinyin: cōng Korean: chong Hán-Việt: thông
Stroke counts: 12 Skip code: 2-4-9

Example Words

葱頭[tamanegi] onion (edible plant, Allium cepa)
西洋葱[seiyounegi] leek (edible plant, Allium porrum)
韮葱[niranegi] broadleaf wild leek (edible plant with hard tubular leaves, Allium ampeloprasum)
萌葱色[moegiiro] light green
葱坊主[negibouzu] onion head
浅葱[asagi] pale blue-green
浅葱[asatsuki] chive (edible plant, Allium schoenoprasum)
分葱[wakegi] Allium wakegi (species of scallion)
長葱[naganegi] scallion

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