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lick; lap up; burn up; taste; undergo; underrate; despise

ねぶ.るneburu · な.めるnameru
Pinyin: shì Korean: ji Hán-Việt: thỉ, để
Stroke counts: 10 Skip code: 1-6-4

Example Words

べろべろ舐める[beroberonameru] to lick something up
吮癰舐痔[senyoushiji] currying favour (favor)
舐めずる[namezuru] to lick one's lips
舐める[nameru] to lick
舐ぶる[neburu] to lick
舌舐めずり[shitanamezuri] licking one's lips or chops
舐め舐め[namename] licking
舐め回す[namemawasu] to lick all over
舐り箸[neburibashi] licking one's chopsticks (a breach of etiquette)
ひと舐め[hitoname] a lick

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