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undress; removing; escape from; get rid of; be left out; take off

ぬ.ぐnugu · ぬ.げるnugeru
Popularity rank: 782 Pinyin: tuō Korean: tal, tae Hán-Việt: thoát, đoái
Stroke counts: 11 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-4-7

Example Words

遺脱[idatsu] omission
一肌脱ぐ[hitohadanugu] to pitch in and help
逸脱[itsudatsu] deviation
永久脱毛[eikyuudatsumou] removing hair permanently
円転滑脱[entenkatsudatsu] suave
解脱[gedatsu] being liberated from earthly desires and the woes of man
虚脱[kyodatsu] prostration
国外脱出[kokugaidasshutsu] to flee abroad
歯脱け[hanuke] falling out of teeth
体外離脱[taigairidatsu] out-of-body experience

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