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brittle; fragile; easy to beat; sentimental; susceptible

ゼイzei · セイsei · セツsetsu
もろ.いmoroi · よわいyowai
Pinyin: cuì Korean: chwi Hán-Việt: thúy
Stroke counts: 10 Skip code: 1-4-6

Example Words

脆い[moroi] brittle
脆性[zeisei] brittleness
脆弱性[zeijakusei] vulnerability
涙脆い[namidamoroi] easily moved to tears
脆弱[zeijaku] frail
情に脆い[jounimoroi] soft-hearted
脆化[zeika] embrittlement
水素脆化[suisozeika] hydrogen embrittlement

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