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tighten; tie; shut; lock; fasten

し.まるshimaru · し.まりshimari · し.めるshimeru · -し.め-shime · -じ.め-jime
Popularity rank: 797 Pinyin: Korean: che Hán-Việt: đế
Stroke counts: 15 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 1-6-9

Example Words

握り締める[nigirishimeru] to grasp tightly
引き締る[hikishimaru] to become tense
噛締める[kamishimeru] to chew thoroughly
元締[motojime] manager
戸締り[tojimari] closing up
締め殺す[shimekorosu] to strangle to death
三本締め[sanbonjime] hand-clapping patter (at start of party)
取締まる[torishimaru] to manage
取締役会[torishimariyakukai] board of directors
条約の締結[jouyakunoteiketsu] conclusion of treaty

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