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アイai · e · ワイwai
けが.すkegasu · けが.れkegare · けが.れるkegareru
Pinyin: huì Korean: ye Hán-Việt: uế
Stroke counts: 18 Skip code: 1-5-13

Example Words

穢い[kitanai] dirty
穢す[kegasu] to pollute
穢らわしい[kegarawashii] filthy
穢れ[kegare] uncleanness
穢れる[kegareru] to be violated
穢多[eta] one group comprising the lowest rank of Japan's Edo-period caste system (people whose work usually involved handling human bodies or animal carcasses)
穢土[edo] this impure world (as opposed to the pure land)
汚穢[owai] night soil
腹穢い[haragitanai] black-hearted
意地穢い[ijikitanai] gluttonous

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