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volume; product (x*y); acreage; contents; pile up; stack; load; amass

つ.むtsumu · -づ.み-zumi · つ.もるtsumoru · つ.もりtsumori
Popularity rank: 541 Pinyin: Korean: jeog, ja Hán-Việt: tích
Stroke counts: 16 Grade level: 4 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 1-5-11

Example Words

ゴミ集積場[gomishuusekijou] village garbage collection point
欝積[usseki] accumulation (e.g. of emotions, grievances, etc.)
沖積[chuuseki] alluvial
沖積期[chuusekiki] alluvial period
沖積世[chuusekisei] alluvial epoch (i.e. the Holocene epoch)
沖積層[chuusekisou] alluvium
沖積土[chuusekido] alluvial soil
下積み[shitazumi] lowest social strata
求積[kyuuseki] mensuration
経路積分[keirosekibun] path integral (physics)

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