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straightaway; honesty; frankness; fix; repair

チョクchoku · ジキjiki · ジカjika
ただ.ちにtadachini · なお.すnaosu · -なお.す-naosu · なお.るnaoru · なお.きnaoki · す.ぐsugu
Popularity rank: 246 Pinyin: zhí Korean: jig Hán-Việt: trực
Stroke counts: 8 Grade level: 2 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-2-6

Example Words

直向[hitamuki] earnest
安直[anchoku] inexpensive
一直[icchoku] lining out to first base
一直線[icchokusen] straight line
鉛直[enchoku] perpendicular
下駄直し[getanaoshi] repairing clogs
開き直る[hirakinaoru] to become defiant
気を取り直す[kiwotorinaosu] to completely rethink
急転直下[kyuutenchokka] suddenly and precipitately
居直る[inaoru] to sit up properly straight

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