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かゆ.がるkayugaru · かさkasa · かゆ.いkayui
Pinyin: yǎng Korean: yang Hán-Việt: dương, dưỡng
Stroke counts: 11 Skip code: 3-5-6

Example Words

隔靴掻痒[kakkasouyou] being frustrated because something is not quite as hoped (just as one cannot scratch an itch from outside a shoe)
歯痒い[hagayui] impatient
瘙痒[souyou] itch
痛痒[tsuuyou] pain and itching
痒い[kayui] itchy
痛し痒し[itashikayushi] delicate or ticklish situation
痒み[kayumi] itch
麻姑掻痒[makosouyou] things happening exactly as one pleases (wishes)
痒がる[kayugaru] to complain of itching
むず痒い[muzugayui] itchy

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