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jade scepter or tablet (authority symbol)

Pinyin: guī Korean: gyu Hán-Việt: khuê
Stroke counts: 10 Skip code: 1-4-6

Example Words

珪藻[keisou] diatom
珪藻土[keisoudo] diatomaceous soil
二酸化珪素[nisankakeiso] silicon dioxide (SiO2)
珪素[keiso] silicon (Si)
珪酸[keisan] silicic acid
珪砂[keisha] silica sand
珪石[keiseki] silica
珪性肺塵症[keiseihaijinshou] pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
珪素鋼[keisokou] silicon steel
珪素樹脂[keisojushi] silicone resin

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