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broil; parch; roast; boil

せん.じるsenjiru · い.るiru · に.るniru
Popularity rank: 2458 Pinyin: jiān Korean: jeon Hán-Việt: tiên, tiễn
Stroke counts: 13 Grade level: 8 Skip code: 2-3-10

Example Words

煎海鼠[iriko] dried sea slug
煎じる[senjiru] to boil
煎じ詰める[senjitsumeru] to boil down
煎じ詰めると[senjitsumeruto] after all
煎じ出す[senjidasu] to extract by broiling
煎じ薬[senjigusuri] (medical) decoction
煎じ立て[senjitate] freshly-drawn (tea)
煎りつく[iritsuku] to be scorched
煎り付ける[iritsukeru] to parch

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