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boil; cook

Pinyin: pēng Korean: paeng Hán-Việt: phanh
Stroke counts: 10 Skip code: 2-2-9

Example Words

割烹[kappou] cooking (esp. Japanese style)
割烹着[kappougi] coverall apron (esp. for cooking, cleaning, and household chores)
割烹店[kappouten] restaurant
割烹料理[kappouryouri] Japanese cooking
割烹旅館[kappouryokan] Japanese inn priding itself on its cuisine
狡兎死して走狗烹らる[koutoshishitesoukuniraru] When the enemy is defeated, the victorious soldiers can be killed off (lit: when the (fast) rabbit dies, the hunting dog is cooked)
烹炊所[housuijo] galley
烹炊[housui] cooking by boiling
烹炊煙突[housuientotsu] galley stovepipe

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