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warp; bend; strained; distort

ワイwai · e
いが.むigamu · いびつibitsu · ひず.むhizumu · ゆが.むyugamu
Popularity rank: 2348 Pinyin: wāi Korean: wae, ae Hán-Việt: oai, oa
Stroke counts: 9 Skip code: 2-4-5

Example Words

時間の歪み[jikannohizumi] time warp
歪み[hizumi] strain
歪曲[waikyoku] distortion
歪度[waido] skewness
歪力[wairyoku] stress
歪む[yugamu] to warp
歪める[igameru] to bend
位相歪み[isouhizumi] phase distortion
減衰歪み[gensuihizumi] attenuation distortion

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