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gloom; depression; melancholy

ウツutsu · ウンun
うっ.するutusuru · ふさ.ぐfusagu · しげ.るshigeru
Pinyin: Korean: ram Hán-Việt: uất
Stroke counts: 25 Skip code: 2-12-14

Example Words

暗欝[anutsu] gloom
陰欝[inutsu] gloom
欝積[usseki] accumulation (e.g. of emotions, grievances, etc.)
憂欝症[yuuutsushou] melancholia
躁欝病[souutsubyou] manic depression
欝血[ukketsu] blood congestion
欝蒼[ussou] thick
欝憤[uppun] resentment
悒欝[yuuutsu] depression
欝金[ukon] turmeric (Curcuma domestica)

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