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dye; color; paint; stain; print

そ.めるsomeru · -ぞ.め-zome · -ぞめ-zome · そ.まるsomaru · し.みるshimiru · -じ.みる-jimiru · し.みshimi · -し.める-shimeru
Popularity rank: 837 Pinyin: rǎn Korean: yeom Hán-Việt: nhiễm
Stroke counts: 9 Grade level: 6 JLPT level: 1 Skip code: 2-5-4

Example Words

染み染み[shimijimi] earnestly
蝋纈染め[rouketsuzome] batik (handbag, purse)
愛染妙王[aizenmyouou] Ragaraja
易感染性[ikansensei] compromised
汚染[osen] pollution
汚染菌[osenkin] contaminant
汚染源[osengen] source of pollution
汚染除去[osenjokyo] decontamination
感染[kansen] infection
型染め[katazome] stencil dyeing

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