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exchange; spare; substitute; per-

か.えるkaeru · か.え-kae- · か.わるkawaru
Popularity rank: 979 Pinyin: Korean: che Hán-Việt: thế
Stroke counts: 12 Grade level: 8 JLPT level: 2 Skip code: 2-8-4

Example Words

鞍替え[kuragae] changing jobs
為替[kawase] money order
為替レート[kawasereeto] exchange rate
為替管理[kawasekanri] exchange control
為替銀行[kawaseginkou] exchange bank
為替手形[kawasetegata] draft
為替尻[kawasejiri] balance of exchange
為替相場[kawasesouba] exchange rates
遺伝因子組替え[ideninshikumikae] recombinant gene splicing
井戸替え[idogae] well cleaning

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