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dark; disappear

つごもりtsugomori · くら.いkurai · みそかmisoka · くら.むkuramu
Pinyin: huì Korean: hoe Hán-Việt: hối
Stroke counts: 10 Grade level: 9 Skip code: 1-4-6

Example Words

大晦日[oomisoka] New Year's Eve
韜晦[toukai] hidden (talents, etc.)
晦渋[kaijuu] ambiguous
晦冥[kaimei] darkness
大晦[ootsugomori] the last day of the year
晦ます[kuramasu] to abscond
晦む[kuramu] to be dazzled by
自己韜晦[jikotoukai] concealing one's talents, position, status, intentions, etc.
天地晦冥[tenchikaimei] The world is covered in darkness

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